Hi, I'm diekus!

I'm a Doctor in Informatics and Computer Engineer from Costa Rica. PM @ Microsoft Edge, interested in bringing PWA technology to the masses, and enhancing the web platform. Feel free to browse through the content or contact me for any query.

New Web API Proposal: Screen Fold Specification draft

Bringing new form factors to the web platform.


Current Web on Galaxy Fold Learn about how to make sure your websites work well with the Samsung Galaxy Fold. One UI Web One UI Web: How the Web can enable One UI across platforms. Adding 3D Models to your Website do it yourself: add a 3D model to a web page using web components. Web Standards Podcast Ep. 168 Why Samsung needs a browser, WebVR to WebXR transition, XR use cases for the Web. Bubble Bubble is a PWA that allows you to view 360° images on your browser. PWA Logo Printer Create you own version of the PWA logo and download as an SVG file.

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